Who Are We?

NightGood Studios is a new company that does commissions for game development on Roblox, soon after we hire some more developers and become a bit more known then we will also offer entire game builds for Roblox and Unity commissions/projects.
Once NightGood Studios grows and has a entire dev team, we will offer to sponsor some games that are in development, if anyone is interested in getting sponsored then please be sure to email me at and we can talk there in more detail.

Our goal is to assist game development and make it available to everyone, even if you dont know how to make assets and or code with fully negotiable prices.

What we offer:

2. Game testing with honest opinions and suggestions when needed

3. Sponsorships for games that are made and for ones that are in development

4. Offering Help and tips with game ideas 

NightGood Studios was created in 19/01/2023 by the owner, Piotr Nowicki.
"Ive always wanted to start my own company.. so uh.. Here we go !.." - Piotr Nowicki.

As of currently the entire staff is based in the Uk, tho we do of course always offer commissions to everyone from everywhere, even if your currently in space !

If you ever have any questions or need help then I am always available with my email,